What is blogging (12+ blogging tips for beginners)


So, you have prepared yourself for a side business or, may be you love writing!

That is why you are here. In this article I am going to describe what is blogging and how does it work for beginners. Also I will show some example of blog. so let’s begin.


Introduction to blogging

First, you should know what is a blog?

Well, this might be a new word for you. But I am assuming you should heard about ‘Diary’.

A diary is a notebook containing our daily life incidents. Right? And that is its sole purpose.

A blog is nothing but a diary which is online. We write down everything on diary by using a pen and diary paper. Here you type those words on a “paper cum blog” online.

A blog is also known as “weblog”. A person or may be a group of persons can write or state their individual opinion on a particular topic here.

And the whole process of writing down on a blog is called Blogging. Those who used to write blogs are known as Blogger.


You might be thinking, aah! its damn easy. Wait, a blog definitely has some difference from a diary.

Diary may contain your daily life incident + the things you love +things you hate + a few pages on your boyfriend etc. But a blog should be on a specific niche.

Yes, of course you can write down anything you want on a blog, but that should be called “mixed niche blogging”. Today, in 2020, if you are starting that type of a mixed blog then success path of your blog may be really tough!

The day has gone when someone added a page on web on any niche and that clicks top position within few days. Blogging has its own way. We will be discussing all that.

What is the purpose of a blog?

Purpose of a Blog

It drives traffic

Where people can find your blog? The answer is on a browser by typing the keyword, or your brand name. So when people enters brand name they can reach your website.

Converting traffic into lead

If your site has a good amount of traffic then you should convert those traffic into lead. That is called Lead generation.

Express your thoughts

I’ve told many times on my blog that I love sharing information. You along with your team cam express individual opinion on any topic through a blog. If you are expert of any particular topic then do not deny people getting knowledge from you.

Connection with people

Again, You can connect people who are just like you. Like minded and may be sharing information exactly on your topic. It’s always great to show the world who you are through your blog.

Marketing or promoting something

People are also using blogs as a tool. In this case we do not need to sell anything. We just have to write reviews and news of business, products, or services. Thus we actually promote something and we get paid.

Make money

If you have any digital or physical product or services then you can sell those through your blog. By keeping patience and doing a lot of practice you can run advertisement on your blog. There are a lot of ways to make money blogging.


Types of blog

According to Brandsplat there are 4 types of blog

Personal :

Most basic type of blog. People share their life incidents along with their hobbies, journeys from the start.

The watchblog :

Blogs that carries stories with indefensible actions in lawful society.

Satire and Snark :

A funny type of blog where you make fun of your opponent to destroy arguments

Interview blogs :

 A type of news blog. Public want to know what others are thinking of any particular incident.

Blog vs Website​

Among you many have blogs and many have websites. Some people thinks websites and blogs are exactly same. But I am telling you that these are not same, certainly have some differences.

What is a website?

It is combination of some web pages arranged under same domain name. It should have

  1. Static content
  2. formal design
  3. Only one communication about product/services
  4. Required for every business

What is a blog?​

blog is an online diary where blogger/writers interact with their potential or, existing customers. It should have

  1. Updated content
  2. Formal design not needed
  3. educational content
  4. informative content
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How do I start writing a blog?​

If you want to start a blog, then please start it today. I will be discussing here how do you start a blog and how do you write your first blog post.

Before going into deep, let me clear you that the one thing you need to create a successful blog is “You” and “Your passion towards writing”.

As I said before those 90’s days are gone. That was a time when someone can write anything and it could reach on top of search result. Now everything depends upon researches.

Pick up a niche:

This seems to be a technical word. Basically, niche means topic on which we are willing to blog. The first and most important step is finding a profitable niche which perfectly suits you.

You don’t need to be a master of that niche. As you work on that, you will keep learning and keep growing.

CEO of ShoutMeLoud.com, Mr Harsh Agarwal once stated a very interesting method on “finding a blog niche”. Please take a pen and paper. Now write down all your areas of interests. It might looks like this

  • Cricket
  • Western music
  • Cooking
  • Sleeping
  • Teaching
  • Etc.

Now take each points one by one and write an essay.

There may be 2-3 points will remain on which you can write a book yourself. Now, think about those points which exactly suits you. On which you can write over the next 10 years or so.

Some more points you should take in to account:

  1. Check the search volume of your targeted keyword here
  2. Also check whether advertisers are investing money on that topic by checking CPC.
  3. How you can generate revenue from your blog on that topic.

2. Get Domain and hosting:

A domain name is like your website’s nickname. Our blog Special Blogger has the domain specialblogger.com

One thing I must tell you that we don’t actually buy a domain name. We just borrow them for some years. To use that domain name for lifetime we have to pay registrar for lifetime.


There are many registrar available in the market where you can get an available domain name.Now, there are two types of platform to blog. First one is Blogger, where Google pays the hosting charge for you. So, its basically free. And the other is self hosted WordPress blog.

On a self hosted WordPress blog we have to buy hosting from a hosting provider. They just give us a server IP address where we launch WordPress.

If you downloaded our Ebook, then you may know we have discussed about the advantages of paid hosting briefly there.

3. Start writing:

Now, I am assuming you have launched WordPress or using a free Blogger platform and set up your blog. You’re almost done! Find some keywords and target them with proper strategies.

Mind it, writing a blog is a different thing from ranking a blog.

We have to do a lot of stuff to rank a page on Google. There are 200+ metrics Google looks after when it rank a page up. Visit our article on “how to rank a blog” to have a clear idea about it.

Writing blog on Blogger vs WordPress

As I said there are two platform to blog on. Blogger and WordPress. And WordPress itself has two categories one is WordPress.com and the other is WordPress.org

Blogger and WordPress.com gives us free domain extension ‘.blogspot.com’ and ‘.wordpress.com’ respectively. That means if you are just starting a blog then these two will be really beneficial for you. But these have so many limitations. And that is why every blogger recommend to use self hosted WordPress.org.

Here is a brief comparison made by us:

blogger vs wordpress

A basic blog structure​

Most of the blogs look like this-


Benefits of Blogging

Blogging is a business. You should take it like a business. Those people who started their blogging journey 10 years back are way forward than you and me. And one more thing, blogging is not a 2 minutes Noodle. We should work harder with the perfect strategies in mind to compete them.

All our hard work should have some benefits, right? Here are those:

  • We can provide relevant content to targeted audience. And thus we can build our Brand Awareness.
  • If our business is not up to mark then we can covert it to online. Here blogging can boost up our search engine ranking.
  • Making a good relationship with our customers.
  • Getting more customers to our existing business.
  • Improve our writing skill.
  • Building a network.
  • Be an expert of specific field.


Do bloggers get paid?

Yes, bloggers are actually generating a lot of money. There are several ways:

  • A blogger who loves writing can work for reputed company websites as a content writer. Many companies search for writer because they can not write everything on their own.
  • Bloggers can show advertisement on their blog. There are many advertising network like Google adsense, Media.net etc.
  • They also can promote some others’ product on their blogs. This is known as affiliate marketing. Thus they can earn affiliate commission as the product sale from that particular blog.
  • Paid promotion is another way of earning. Small businesses sometimes need paid promotion to sell their product. A blogger can show some demonstrations about that product and earn a huge money from that.

 There are many more ways a blogger get paid how-to-start-blogging


Blogging is really a vast area. If you want to blog about anything then don’t worry. Special blogger will surely help you. Comment below what you are worrying about?

I hope the article “what is blogging” will give some encouragement to you. Share it with your friends on social media below.


  • Shekhar is a Blogger, content writer, and affiliate marketer since 2018. He is the CEO, & Founder of specialblogger.com Follow this blog to get some proven SEO tips

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