Top 8 Plugins to Speed UP WordPress site (FREE Plugins)


Top 8 Plugins to Speed UP WordPress Site (FREE Plugins)

WordPress is quite easy to customize website development platforms at an affordable price. On the contrary, if you don’t optimize it correctly, your WordPress site loading speed quite slow.

In case, your website takes a pile of time to load. In conclusion, it will increase the site bounce rate and decline conversion rates. For this, you will lose a large number of ideal subscribers and customers.

Are you looking for a quick solution to speed up a WordPress site?

In this post, I’ll cover the 8 most powerful WordPress plugin to speed up WordPress site.

Why the WordPress Site Speed Matter?

In 2018, Google released a new algorithm on website speed called Speed Update. Based on this update Google pushing down slow loading site ranking in the mobile and desktop search result pages.

Strangeloop case study on Google and Amazon clearly says, if a 1-second delay in the page loading time, it can lead to a 7% conversion drop, also decrease page view by 11% and 16% in customer satisfaction.

In a nutshell, as a website owner, you have a maximum of 5 seconds time period to showcase your page content to visitors.

8 Best Plugins for WordPress Site Speed Up

Below, I am going to mentions some powerful plugins to accelerate your WordPress site speed immediately.

Note: You need quite technical knowledge to configure the cache plugin with your WordPress site. Before installing any cache plugin, take site backup.

W3 Total Cache

W3 total cache is the most popular cache plugin; it is beyond a simple cache plugin. It offers various levels of caching options with easy to embed third-party services like CDN features.

On the contrary, some W3 features are quite difficult to integrate, so if you don’t know, How to do this, then you need a WordPress developer to do it for you.

Whether you configure W3 Total cache plugin yourself, make sure you will not do anything wrong. if you will do something wrong, it breaks your site.

W3 Total Cache Plugin Features

  • Support all types of CDN (Content Delivery Network)
  • One-click browser cache clear
  • Database level caching facility
  • Minifying and JavaScript’s optimization
  • Object caching feature

WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache plugin is the best alternative to the W3 Total Cache plugin. It has more than 5.5 million active installations with more than 4 ratings in the WordPress plugin directory. 

In other words, the WP Super Cache plugin is the most noteworthy and top-rated WordPress Cache plugin.

WP super cache plugin has some advanced-cache options such as multiple caching types like Mod_Rewrite, PHP, and Legacy.

WP Super cache Features

  • Covert content from Dynamic file to the simple static file
  • Pre-loading cache feature
  • All types of CDN integration feature available
  • Allow multiple types of cache (Mod_Rewrite, PHP, and Legacy)

WP Super Minify

After videos and images, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML make up 50% of the total web page weight. So it is very important to optimize them for better performance.

WP Super Minify allows you to combine them and reduce that file size for improving WordPress site speed.

However, when setting this plan, you need to pay attention to it. Because in the past, I have found this plugin was the conflict with some themes and plugins.

WP Super Minify

  • Combine JavaScript’s, CSS and HTML files
  • Option to discard unnecessary CSS and java Scripts files
  • Easy to use and integrate with other security and speed up plugins

WP Fastest Cache

WP’s fastest cache plugin is built only for website cache management tasks. This plugin comes with lots of advanced but easy to use the caching facility.

WP fastest cache plugin is the best plugin for beginners. Because other plugins are too basic or too advanced, but WP fastest cache plugin has the middle ground facility and perfect features for newbies.

You just install and activate this plugin without any hassle, after that, you need to do some basic setting for proper optimization. Once all setting has done, click on the SAVE button to make your WordPress site super faster.

What I like most about this plugin is that they offer easy to set the cache expiration time for certain URLs strings.

The second reason to use this plugin is that the WP Fastest Cache plugin has been using by more than 200,000 peoples, as well it has good reviews on WordPress.

WP Fastest Cache Plugin Features

  • Easy to set up for better performance
  • One-click to clean cache feature
  • Minify CCS, HTML and Java Scripts in few clicks
  • Option to exclude posts and pages for cache
  • Allow expiration time feature for posts/pages or particle stick URLs
  • All types of CDN integration support
  • More premium version available in the paid version

Cache Enabler

Cache Enabler is the lightweight and easy to use cache plugin offered by the team KeyCDN. 

Cache Enabler has plenty of extra features than other plugins like automatic cache expires and minifies javascript and CSS.

However, this plugin has one con than other plugins that is no CDN integration feature. If you want to integrate CDN with this plugin, then you need to install one more plugin of team KeyCDN that is CDN Enabler.

CDN Enabler plugin is the same as the Cache Enabler plugin “Lightweight and easy to use”.

Cache Enable WordPress Plugin Features

  • One-click cache clear option
  • Option to set Cache behavior
  • Easy to set up
  • CSS, JavaScript and HTML minify feature
  • You can exclude a particular page from the cache
  • Allow you to set up expiration times


WP Smush is the image optimization plugin for use to remove unnecessary bytes from the image file size. Most of the image optimization plugins provide a Lossy compression format, and this format degrades image quality too. However, Smush offer “Lossless” format optimization, in this format, only image file size reduction, but the image quality will remain the same as the original image.

  • WP Features
    • Without effect on image quality reduce the image file size
    • Optimize all types of images such as JPG and PNG format
    • Easy to integrate with API
    • Able to optimize already used images in bulk action

Imagify – The Number #1 Image optimization plugin

Imagify is the number #1 image optimization plugin in the WordPress directory. It offers 3 levels of image file size optimization options, which are Normal, Aggressively, and Ultra. I personally use, aggressively optimization feature. In this format, without losing image quality, you can reduce image file size.

Imagify Plugin Features

  • 3 levels of image optimization features (Normal, Aggressively and Ultra)
  • One-click set up a facility
  • Reduce image file size up to 90%
  • Store image original version
  • Without any hassle remove unnecessary bytes of file size

LazyLoad plugin by WPRocket

If you publish long in-depth blog posts including lots of images and videos. When users visit our website, typically, your website will load with all elements of your blog post including images and videos together. Certainly, your website will load slowly.

Better than loading all images together, you can use a lazy load plugin for images like Lazy Load Plugin by WP Rocket. This plugin only loads images that will be displayed on the user’s screen.

One more advantage of using LazyLoad Plugin by WpRocket is, this plugin replace YouTube iframes with video preview thumbnails.

Features of LazyLoad plugin

  • Replace video iFrames with thumbnails.
  • Working without the use of JQuery or Java Scripts. Therefore, it is an ultra-lightweight plugin.


I hope you like these plugins to speed up WordPress site article. You don’t need to use all cache plugin together. Just install any plugin from the above list, after that, do proper setting up that plugin. I personally use W3 Total Cache, Imagify, and LazyLoad plugin by WpRocket.

These plugins have more active users than other speed optimization WordPress plugins. Almost all cache plugin provides easy to integrate CDN facility, so use CDN with a cache plugin for better performance.

Advanced Tip: If you want to customize your pages with page builder, then I highly suggest you, use Thrive Architect page builder. Thrive Architect is the lighthouse page builder with more features than other page builders.

I hope you like this speed up WordPress plugin list. I am sure the above plugins make your site faster.


  • Zara Humaid is the founder of and He is a passionate blogger by heart. He helps other bloggers and small business owners grow their business online.

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