Micro niche blogging: Should you start it


Micro niche blogging is the most effective way to grow your blog fast.

Blogging is one of the easiest way to build audience around you. At present, even small businesses are willing to convert their business online.

You may be thinking “Blog is just for information sharing”. Yup! That’s true. But nowadays, if you want to be a successful blogger, first, you have to be a business minded person.

In this guide, I will let you know what is micro niche blogging, some best micro niche blog, How you can find your micro niche and many more.

Sharing information on a blog is different from sharing a particular topic information to an audience who already have needs.

That is where Micro niche blog rocks !!!

Well, The phrase ‘micro-niche’ tells you the story.

Let me tell you what are niches?

Niche means your area of expertise, i.e. anything you are good at. There are millions of niches in the World.

Not every person is expert on all those. So, it’s better to find your interest on your own.

You might visited websites where you can gather information on software reviews, make money online, etc.

They are niche websites.

Just for an example, take “Health” as a niche. This is a broad topic as you know.

Under this “Health” category, we can take ‘weight loss’, ‘meditation’, ‘pregnancy’, ‘yoga’, etc as sub-niches.

Now if we look deeper into sub-niches, we can find a goldmine of micro-niche.

e.g. ‘weight loss for mom’ is a micro niche under ‘weight loss’ sub-niche. Similarly, ‘Pregnancy diet’ is a micro niche under ‘pregnancy’ sub niche.

I hope this will clear your doubt. Here is am infographic if you have any further issues with definition of micro niche:

Micro niche Blogging

Advantages of micro niche blogging

We are living in an era where people do not have the time to read something which they don’t like. They just need accurate information, and that’s it.

Micro niche blog gives accurate information to a significant number of users.

Here are some advantages of why start a micro niche blog?


#1. Easy to rank:

Micro-niche is all about writing for a specific keyword. So, a micro niche blog article have higher chances to rank for that specific keyword.

You do not have to create a ton of backlinks for it, on-page SEO is enough to drive traffic.

#2. Less blog posts to write:

A niche website have to have a lot of contents in it to build authority in the industry. But, in micro-niche blogs you just have to write 15-20 posts, and that is enough.

#3. Targeted visitor / Money making visitors:

You can target a specific readers, or, buyers through your micro niche keyword.

Assume, someone is searching for ‘Best 15 inch Samsung laptop’ and reach to your article, then you have the higher chances to sell that laptop to the visitor.

Because approximately, 70% of people who searched like this kind of specific word are the real buyers.

#4. Less competition:

As these are on a specific niche keyword, so you will face less competition as compared to a broad niche, or, sub niches.

You can see the current blogging competitions on broad niches, so it is the better time to start a micro niche blog.

#5. Less time, less vistors, still earn:

Many micro niche blogs started making money from just 2 months. It usually takes 1-2 months to grab some visitors from search engine.

One more thing, even if you have just 100-150 visitors per month, you can start earning from affiliates. Because affiliates work so well in micro-niche blogs.

Disadvantages of Micro niche blogs:

Now we will be talking why you should not start a micro niche blog.


#1. A slight KW research mistake:

In micro niche blogging, you have to do a proper keyword research. If you do not follow all the essential steps to do proper keyword researching, then your blog may lead to failure.

#2. Lesser traffic:

As you are writing your blog for a specific number of audience, so your blog may face less visitors throughout the journey.

Though, you can convert those visitors to lead easily here. But do not expect huge traffic to a micro niche blog.

#3. Need regular update:

People usually create micro niche blogs for earning. If you are willing to know what is the micro niche idea someone else is working on from them, no one is going to tell you.

The main reason is less competition. If your niche idea get leaked, someone can outrank you. To prevent this, you have to regularly update your content.

#4. It's not for long time runner:

Micro niche is a short time earning method. You can run a micro blog for 2 years of course. 

But, in case, if you want to be a committed blogger, then I won’t recommend you this.

How to create a micro niche blog?

Creating a micro niche blog is easy. It’s just same as creating a regular blog.

The different is in your keyword research process.

Here is some brief points to start a micro niche website:

  • Do proper keyword research.
  • Check competition of your keyword.
  • Create a mind-map.
  • Buy domain (EMD preferable). If you do not know, what is EMD, Check this.
  • Get the best web hosting from here.
  • Give your blog a professional touch with this theme.
  • Install WordPress.
  • Write at least 2 articles weekly.
  • Try writing in-depth guide with eye-catching photos.
  • On-page SEO is the key
  • Promote your blog.

How to earn money from micro niche blogs?

You have a variety of options when it comes to earning methods from a micro niche blog.

As the blog may have less visitors, you can find it tough to generate revenue from adsense. But still, these are the ways:

#1. Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is most popular for micro websites. Because, you can target audience who really want to buy a product.

Buyers persona is an important factor in every business business. Once you get that, you can earn a lot of dollars from a single product.

#2. Sell your own product:

If you have something (digital, or physical products) to sell online, micro niche blog can be a effective way.

You can list your digital products on Instamojo too. If you want to insert a payment gateway into your blog, then also Instamojo can help you.

#3. Advertising:

At lat, but not the least, advertising can also be a good option for you. Many ad networks need a certain amount of visitors in your blog.

So, if you have a moderate visitors, you can sign up on platforms like Google adsense, Media.net, Propeller ads, Infolinks, etc.

Micro niche blog ideas

Do you want to know which is the best micro niche for blogging?

Honestly speaking, you have to find a micro niche on your own. Here I will give you some micro niche topics with the help of which your job will be easier.


# Micro niche ideas:

360 cameras
17 day diet
Abs diet
Activities for kids
Adopting baby
Abs diet
Affiliate marketing
Alcohol addiction
Amazon shopping
Animation making
Baby food diet
Baby music
Bad habits
Baseball jersey
Beauty tips
Eye cream
Blogging for money
Book author names
Building a computer
Creating games
Cake decoration
Cat health
Chicken coop
Child tutoring
Cholesterol diet
Diabetic diet
Camera lens
3D printing
Diet tips
Dog grooming
Air purifier
Egg allergy
Smart watch
Keto diet plans
Gift ideas
Event planning
PNR status
Hosting guide
Fat burning
Yoga tips
Mental health
First aid training
Boat buying guide
Food allergy
Heart healthy diet
Hip pain problems
Horse racing
DIY kitchen
Home remedies
How to
Restaurant reviews
Juice diet
Language learning
Natural remedies
Online marketing

FAQs on Micro niche blogging

What is a micro niche?

Micro means the smallest part of a broad topic. If you take 'Health' as a broad niche, 'weight loss' will be its sub niche. And 'weight loss diet' will be a micro niche.

How do I create a micro niche blog?

The process is same as creating a basic blog. But the main difference is with keyword researching. To start a micro niche blog: 1. Target a keyword 2. Build a strategy. 3. Buy Exact matched domain. 4. Buy a hosting. 5. Use proper design. 6. Promote your blog

How much can a micro niche blog make?

It depends upon the visitors, and how you are converting them into lead. If your blog has 100 genuine buyers, you can still earn upto 1000$ per month.

Is there any need of adolescence before doing micro niche blogging?

Micro niche blogging is all about targeting a specific keyword. If you have a strategy to rank for a certain keyword, then you can start micro niche blogging with an exact matched domain.

How do you rank micro niche sites?

Ranking a micro niche site is easy than ranking a niche blog. Because if you're targeting a specific keyword with as less as 2 articles/week of 2000+ words, then you may have higher chances to get authority on Google's eye on that specific keyword.


So, this was a guide to micro niche blogs. As promised, I gave you all the data to start a micro niche site.

Now, it’s up to you, how you can optimize your site content.

Remember, Blogging is a business. You will face competition in micro niche sites too, if you are starting it late.

So, its better to check what is working for you and what’s not.

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