6+ Impact of meta and Title tags on search engine


If you want to know when optimizing a website for search, what impact do meta and title tags have on the search engine then this article is for you.
Here I will describe the impact of Meta and Title tags on search engines.
Before diving in, Let’s read about some basic concepts.

What is ‘meta-tag’?

A ‘meta tag’ is a snippet of a web page that can only reflect on the search engine. The page may not have meta tags in it. It can be imaginary from a page’s point of view.
But, it must appear on the page source code.
In general, A ‘meta tag’ will tell you the story behind any web page. It is the moral of every webpage.
It only can exist in the Html code. Usually, every website use header’s line as their webpage’s meta tag.
Impact of meta and Title tags on serach engine

What is a ‘Title tag’?

This is the most important tag which helps to rank in search engine. Usually, this is visible to every user.
It appears generally in the top left corner in any browser. The below images will make things clear.

When optimising a website for search, what impact do meta and title tags have on the search engine?

Here you can see at the very top left, there is the title of one of my blog posts “What is blogging“. That is the page’s title.
It not only has an impact on the search engine but also it helps people who are browser multi-tab worker.

Meta Tags in Blogger

Generally ‘meta tags are found in <head> section like <head>META TAGS</head>.
You also can create a meta tag for different keywords by separating them with comma. For example, the meta tags containing meta description and keywords will look like this:

<meta content=”Do You want to know how to make money online. Here I will give you in depth idea of genuine ways of earn money online” name=”description“/>
<meta content=”make money online, how to make money online, earn money online” name=”keywords” />

These are the basics of Meta tags and Title tags.
Now have a look at some impacts of title & meta tags on SEO.

Impact of the Title tag in Search Engine:

1. Increase CTR:

We use Title tags such a way that people actually can relate it to their problems. It must be catchy and at the same time not spammy.
Search engine optimization is all about getting organic traffic from search engines. Using a better audience engaging title is one of the easiest ways to do so.
A better Title tag can give your site an extra benefit over your competitors if your title seems appealing to users.

2. Get higher rankings:

The Title tag not only tells users about the content but also it gives an idea to search engine about what the post is. So that search engines can rank the webpage better.
There are many websites that do not optimize their title tags and end up ranking down the order.
If you use your focused keyword at the starting of the Title tag, then it could have better chances of ranking.

3. Title tags help to separate web pages according to category:

Do you know there are approximate 2 billion web pages are publishing every day on the web? How can search engines separate them according to their category?
If you type on Google “How to make money online”, then you must get results of such pages that give information of making money online.
Not even a single page describes ‘how to make a pizza’, right?
How’s this possible?
Here comes Title tags optimization. The search engine collects information by crawling the title tag of a webpage and arrange them in such a manner that it becomes more user friendly.
Impact of meta and Title tags on serach engine

Impact of Meta tags in Search Engine:

Meta tags can be of different types. Like Title tags, meta description, Hreflang tags, Viewport tag, canonical tag, open graph tag.
Those have a huge impact on SERP. Because it can a web page to increase engagement with the audience.

1. Add value to SERP:

Meta tags decide how your page will be showing on the search engine. You can optimize the most relevant and useful content as a meta tag to get better ranking.

2. User engagement:

Search engines like Google always give value to user-friendly pages. Optimizing meta tags can help with this by making sure that the content is the most relevant users are looking for.

3. Make web pages more visible to Search Engines:

I have mentioned about robots tag above. Those tags help Search engines by indicating what pages should be indexed and what’s not.
So, Search engines can easily crawl and index your web pages without any issues. Robots.txt generally used to prevent or block any web page from indexing.
Using this in a wrong way can affect your ranking too. So, it has a big impact on The Search Engine.


So, in this brief discussion, I gave you an idea of when optimizing a website for search, what impact do meta and title tags have on the search engine.
In one recent post of SearchEngineWatch, David Portney describes how should you optimize your meta description tags by giving SEO friendly length.
One thing to remember meta tags are of different types. Meta descriptions, which is one of the terms of Meta tags may not impact your ranking.
If Google uses your web page as a snippet, then writing a better meta description can increase CTR.
I hope you like this. Let’s share it with social media if found helpful.


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