10+tips to start a youtube channel (Beginners to advanced)


Starting a YouTube channel is easier way to kick start your new creative career. I hope you heard about ‘make money online’ term a thousand of times. YouTube is also a part of those ways.
In 2020, making money through online is easier than ever. There are few reasons behind this too. We will be discussing all later.
In fact there are millions of people earning money online. You can be on top of those all for sure.

Some Internal things you need to start a YouTube channel
I will describe about some important internal feelings which you should have to start you career online.
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How do you start a Youtube channel

Must be an expert of any particular topic:

Before you start, you have to plan for your content. So, You have to be an expert or, should have a vast idea of that particular topic.
Assuming, You are starting a channel on Android tips and tricks videos. So, You should have knowledge of what are you sharing with others.
First of all, try it on your own and then reapply this on your android device. Check all your points are working well. Then share with others.

Don’t be tired to quick:

YouTube is always looking for content creator. Because, YouTube team can not cover all the topics of different stream on their own. So, basically they need a person like you and me.
Everything they need is your regularity of posting videos. So, don’t be tired by any means. Post videos regularly.

Don’t be shy in front of camera:

If you are taking this as your profession, then you must have to be used to it. Express your feelings in front of camera. Don’t be shy. People always look for realistic videos.

Don’t just “shout” in front of camera:

As I said, you, as a content creator should create realistic videos. So, please try to give some value to your audience. Don’t just “shout” about any particular topic (exception if you start funny video channel).
Everyone looking for information on the web. So, instead of shouting, give information. That must be better.

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Some extra things you need to start a YouTube channel:

Keep a Notebook:

Always plan your content before going in front of your visitors. Keep a Notebook and put down the main points you’re going to describe.
As a beginner you may face a problem that is forgetting what to say. So, keeping a notebook may help you.
Gradually when you will be mature in this field, You may not need this.

A camera:

Imagine, you’re watching a video on YouTube. What you will prefer? A hazy picture or, a clear picture video? Of course, the first one.
If you are a beginner and don’t have that much of budget You can go with your mobile phone’s rear camera. But, in this case you need brighter light also. So, arrange a bulb which reflects light on your body.
I always recommend to buy these cameras. These are awesome.


A mic:

All your hard work may go in vein if your audience can’t hear you properly. So, better you buy a mic from the very first video. This will reduce the external noise and can give a clear sound to your video.
Here are some of best microphone available in the market for YouTubers.


Value every second of your video:

Let, You are making a 7 minutes of video. You have to give all your effort to your audience in these 7 minutes.
Do not just time pass in front of camera. Cover all the corners of that particular topic in 7 minutes.

Try video editing software:

All content creators are using any software. There are hundreds of software on which you can edit your video like a Pro.
If you’re beginner, must go with a free editing software. Nowadays, You can edit your video on your android mobile too. You can download Kinemaster mod Apk on your android. If you have a PC, then go for simple editing software like Windows movie maker.

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How do you start a YouTube channel:

There are a few simple steps to start YouTube channel from scratch.

Create a Gmail:

You must have one Gmail at least now a days. In case you don’t have, create a Gmail. Its easy. Go to Your browser and type ‘Create Gmail’. Follow the instruction and set a strong password and available username.

Convert your Gmail to YouTube channel:

Go to your browser and type “YouTube”. Now you can see at the top right corner your Gmail with photo.
After clicking on that, click on option “create a channel” as shown in below picture
Convert your Gmail to YouTube channel

Choose a unique name and logo:

While you creating your channel you must be asked to give your channel name. Always try to put a name which is still not on YouTube. Thus you can easily make your channel a brand.
There are several logo maker which you can use. But I always recommend free logo maker like Canva.
You can create your channel’s background photo and video thumbnail in Canva’s in–built software.

You’re good to go:

Now you are all set. You can upload edited videos directly from YouTube software or, from a PC.


Some important things you need to know before starting YouTube channel:

Use Intro:

Intro is a short video describing what your channel is about. On the web, you can create your channel intro for free. Use it after some seconds or at the very beginning. This make your channel like a brand.

Always reply video comments:

Try to reply each and everyone who commented on your video. Ask them politely to subscribe your channel. Replying everyone means giving value to your audience.

Avoid spam or hateful comments:

As you start a youtube channel, there may be some haters around you who may post hateful speech or, negative comments. Always avoid them. Don’t be angry. This happens to all of us.


So, I hope I covered all the basic and important topics to start a YouTube channel from scratch and growing this. Remember, at the beginning it’s a tough thing to post videos regularly because you may not get views and subscribers.
But, friend, Do not get tired too quickly. Good times can happen anytime!!

In case of any further information, You can contact me.


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