The Ultimate Guide to start a blog in India (Earn 1000$/month)


Do you want to know how to start a blog in India? Or, are you willing to take your business online?

You have come to the most informative article on the web.

In this post, I will give you all information from scratch so that you also can start a blog and earn genuinely from it. So, let’s start.

In India, Bloggers are making around 500-1000$ in genuine ways. In fact some of the reputed bloggers in India doing it like a business.

Let me give you some stats history at the very first.


Blogging History in India

According to “OnlineJournalism”, a news blog, The first-ever blog in India was during the Mumbai Terror attack and it was Dina Mehta’s blog. That blog was so much popular and users generally got attracted to that. No one even though about blogging before.


Then, during the Bihar flood incident, another blog became popular by giving useful information in August 2008.

According to a survey taken by MiteshVasa in 2006 about the blogging atmosphere in India, it was proved that women were not willing to work in this field.

At that time the Male-Female ratio of The Global blogging scenario was 45-35. In the case of India, it was 80-20.

According to the survey counts, There were 32203 male bloggers, 5302 female bloggers, and 2623 number of undeclared bloggers.

Gradually Women become so active in this field that we can proudly say in 2020, Indian Women bloggers also can compete many global bloggers.

So, that was a brief history of Indian blogging.

What is a Blog?

The term ‘Blog’ came from ‘weblog’. That means to put logs on the web.

‘Blog’ can be a new word to you. But I am assuming you know about Diary. In a Diary, we used to write general information about what we like, what we dislike, and also our daily routine.

A blog is just like that. But the basic difference is, here, the diary is online. We write information online on a server.

Check out my article about the blog here: what is a blog?

Why should you start a blog in India?

Blogging is the most versatile online work. It has huge potential.

Writing long blog posts and working harder on a blog should have benefits, right? We’ll be discussing those here:

Can help you get a better job:

You must know that if you already have a strong online presence then many companies can accept your job application. In fact, standard companies like Google, Amazon are looking for employees who have experience in the online field.

For side income:

I have seen many bloggers throughout my journey who started their blog as a hobby or, maybe just for giving information. But they are making over 70000 INR per month and even more.

So, blogging has such a potential that if you can scale it up then you can generate huge side income from your blog.

Increase Business clients:

Now, if you already have a business and you want to upgrade it to the next level then you should start a blog. A blog can give you a number of business clients who might help your business.

For hobby:

If you love writing, then blogging is just for you. Blogging is nothing other than sharing useful information which can help people to solve their problems.

So, if you have writing habits and if you really enjoy it, you can start a blog.

build a network around you:

You are finding it tough to connect with someone better than you and even tougher to build a network around you. Starting a blog can help you to succeed.

Genuine blog information always attracts people. If they like your content, they must comment with positive words. Now start to publish another useful content on that niche and share it with them.

Blogging is one of the guaranteed ways to build a network.

Express yourself at the same time help others:

Blogging will help you to express yourself in front of a global audience. By giving the right information to the right users can make your blog popular. Also, you will love helping others with that information.

Collect emails and sell a product:

You may be thinking aah! What will I do with emails? But let me tell you, in spite of having so many social media networks, emails are the most effective way to generate sales online.

Your blog can be a vital way to collect emails from readers. There are different ways of collecting those, we’ll talk about it later.

Now if you want to sell any product online, sent a pitch email to registered users who are already interested in your blog.

How to start a blog in India that generates 1000$/month

Well, let me break this into some steps. Starting a blog nowadays is not a difficult task. Following the below-mentioned steps can help you create your blog from scratch and ultimately make money from it.


Pick up a ‘Niche’:

The first step towards blogging is to find a ‘Niche’. This term seems unusual to you, right.

Okay, Niche means the area of expertise. It can be anything you are good at. May be singing, gardening, tech stuff, etc.

In 2007-10, there were times when you could start a blog on anything, you could write anything and it also had chances to go to the top of Google 1st page.

That time has now gone!

And that is why experts will be telling you to find a niche on which you have an interest and at the same time which is profitable. I am telling you how to find that.

Note down all your interests:

Take a pen and paper, start writing all the areas of interest by pointing out.

It might look like this:

  1. Painting
  2. Dancing
  3. Cricket
  4. Bollywood
  5. Comedy

and many more…

Now on the next page, try writing 30 points on each of interest you’ve shown previously. There is the biggest chance that only 3-4 points will still be there.

Get help from Google trends:

Now, Go to Google trends and check interest over time by search each of those 3 keywords. Below screenshot can give you an idea


There you can see, a graph with up & down direction. If you have such interest which is ending in upward direction then you must start working on those niche from today.

Get help from Quora:

If you write content on such a niche which is not even searched by a single person on the web, then what is the necessity of working on those niches?

Better write on those which seem to be the real problem of many internet users. How to find those? Here comes Quora.


It is a question-answer based website where you can ask any queries to the relative field experts. I have a Quora profile where I generally help people by giving the right information and also can get a knowledge of what people are actually looking for.


3. Use Twitter trends:

If you haven’t use Twitter previously then go and start using it from today.

Twitter is not only for creating fanbase but also it shows you trending topics each day. By using “Trends for you” you can get a lot of content ideas.


By using all of these you must get at least one niche of your interest. Now it’s time to check whether your niche is profitable or not.

There are several points we should take into account while choosing a profitable niche.

  • How many people are searching for it on the web?
  • Can we monetize it?
  • What are the other Adsense alternatives we can use to monetize?
  • How many forums are there related to that niche?
  • How many advertisers are there who are willing to invest money in that niche?
  • How much competition the Niche has?
  • Who are the competitors?
  • Can I beat them?

2. Use Google Keyword Planner:

Before writing any content every blogger must check the CPC of that niche using the Keyword planner tool. It is a free tool made for advertisers by Google.

KP tool has a simple interface. We just have to put our keywords there and it can show several metrics like monthly search volume, CPC(cost per click), competition, relevant keyword ideas, and many more.


And the most interesting fact is, if you have any niche with high competition, then you can collect sub-niches from here and start a blog on those. They may have lower competition.


3. Pre plan your blog for future

What should I write about?

Now you have find your niche and started using quora. There you can check what other people are looking for on the internet. Those must be in your niche. Plan about those by writing down each and everything on a notebook.

Check if other blogs already wrote about those

May be your niche have some competition. In 2020, if you get any niche with low competition and high search volume then you are damn lucky. There are hundreds of website on the web who already wrote 3000 words article on your niche may be. Try listing those competitor.

Build strategy to compete them

Without strategy, no one can be succeed. So, after finding your competitor build such a strategy that could be really helpful for your blog. Also, that can compete with high authority competitors.

4. Book a domain name:

A domain name is your blog brand name. As I have the domain

A few things should be kept in mind while booking a domain name.

Try to book EMD:

EMD means exact match domains. In brief, assuming you selected the keyword “best AC in India”, now if you choose domain which have “bestacinindia” keyword in itself then it will be called as EMD.
Many experts have different opinions on purchasing EMD. Remember one thing, do not choose a domain which looks spammy. Google can ban that.
One day, I was scrolling YouTube and found some strategy explained by Mr Neil Patel. That can help you to understand EMD better.

Must be unique:

If anyone try to reach out to your blog, how can they do so?
Simple by putting your ‘blog name’ in browser. right? Now here, what they are actually typing on browser is your domain.
So, it should be unique. Otherwise, they might be directed to somewhere else. You can take help from Leandomainsearch to find a unique name by putting just the right keyword.

Steps to book a domain name:

We don’t actually buy a domain name, we just borrow that from a domain registrar. If we want to own the domain for lifetime, we have to pay the registrar for lifetime.
There are many registrar in the market. GoDaddy and Namecheap are some of the most popular. Here is how to book a domain name.
  • Open GoDaddy:

          Go to Godaddy India 

  • Create an acoount

          By using email, username and password, create a GoDaddy account.

  • Type your domain name:

           After researching brand name from leandomainsearch, type the name here.


  • Input Billing information

           Next, give additional information like your address, phone number, business name, etc. And purchase it with your credit card/debit card details.



Now, You have successfully purchased your domain name. Its time to decide your blogging platform.

There are two popular blogging platform.

One is Blogger, and the other is WordPress.

WordPress itself have two different ways to set up your blog. Let me discuss something about these three.


This is a free platform created by Google for writers. Anyone can register here by using Gmail and start writing without investing a single penny.

Bloggger gives you a free domain extension named “”. Though you can set up a custom domain by reading this instructions.

Google provides you free web hosting for lifetime. Make sense, right?


But Blogspot has many limitations. That is why many pro bloggers will advice you to go with WordPress.

This is the first option you have with WordPress blog. also gives you a free domain extension which is

There are also some pre-installed templates which are better than that of Blogger.

Also, you can upgrade your free plan to paid yearly plan, WordPress gives a free domain with their yearly subscription. upgrade

Here comes the most powerful platform by WordPress. Almost 6 out of 10 websites you visit daily on the web use WordPress platform.
Here, you have to buy domain and set up that domain with web hosting server.
There are many web hosting provider which can offer you built-in WordPress hosting that will suit your blog properly.
A lot of customization option with millions of themes and plug-ins make WordPress the most powerful CMS (content-management-system).
SO this was a brief description of blogging platform. Now coming back to set up your domain with hosting and then installing WordPress (highly recommended).

5. Get Web Hosting

Most powerful Web Hosting

Web hosting means a digital storage place where you can host your website or, blog.

There are many quality hosting provider in the market. But we recommend SiteGround Web Hosting.

Their 24/7 customer support and easy to set up features with no downtime make this most powerful hosting in the market.

Here’s how to get hosting from SiteGround.

1. Create an account on SiteGround.


2. Choose your hosting plan. At the very beginning, there may be no visitor or, less visitors to your blog.

Keeping in mind the monthly visitor, web space you need choose the plan which suits you. GrowBig is the most popular plan in SiteGround.


3. Choose plan duration. Remember, the more your plan duration is, the more you save. Here’s what you should choose:


4. Enter card details and confirm your purchase.



6. Install WordPress

Manually installing WordPress in any hosting server is easy. In this guide I will tell you how to do that with siteground.

WordPress package download:

First, download the stable version of WrodPress from here

After downloading that file, it will be saved to your hard disk. Open and extract files from there to a new folder.


Upload files to your host server:

After extracting the files from WordPress, now you have to upload those to your hosting server.

If you want your whole website to be run on WordPress, then you have to upload all files to ‘public.html’ folder. Or, You also can run any specific part of your website on WrodPress.

In this case, you have to upload those files to a sub folder; such as ‘public.html/seo’.


3. Create a database for WordPress:

Now, you have to create a mySQL database and give user permission on that database.

You can read this for detail instructions: Create MySQL database

mySQL database

4. Some Pre-installation processes:

First, choose desired WordPress language.

wordpress database

Now give a name & password to your database.

database name

Now run and install it by giving site title, admin name, passwords, etc.


7. Design your blog with a WordPress theme

Google release new algorithms almost every week. If your site doesn’t match Google ranking criteria, then all your effort may go in vein.

So, to prevent this, your blog should be user-friendly. A simple lightweight WordPress theme can do all the work for you, no matter you know coding or not.

The theme I’m using and almost every 6 bloggers out of 10 recommend is GeneratePress premium.

If you invest money on buying this theme. You may be doing the first successful steps towards blogging. Do you know why? Here are some reason:

  • Uses the most stable coding standard
  • Light as a feather, size almost less than 30kb
  • Clean coding helps to get lightening fast speed
  • SEO optimized theme
  • Accessibility ready and most user friendly.


8. Set up your blog

Now your blog is ready to go. You’ve just purchased WordPress theme and designed your blog as you like.

Next, your blog should have some necessary pages like “about, contact, privacy policy, disclaimer, etc.

You can write those on your own or, there are many policy generator tool available online, you can use those.

After that, set up primary menu, footer menu and sidebar if you need.

A simple blog contain Header, footer, and sidebar like this:


Once you set up all the things mentioned, you’re good to go. Now its time to find ideas and write posts on those.

9. Find post ideas

If you already read my point number 1 that is pick up niche which you are good at, then you should have a lot of content ideas.

But most of the bloggers started blogging just for earning money. And 95% of those fail within a year.

You blog must contain 5-6 pillar content of 5000 words at least and many short blog content of 2000+ words.

So, you’ll need a lot of content ideas to write on.

Here is how you can find blog post ideas.

Answer the public (recommended):

This is an amazing tool which helps you to get new blog post ideas.

This tool provides you those keywords particularly which people are continuously searching on the web.

It has a simple interface like this


A free plan can give you almost every possible questions related to your query. But you can go with their paid plan if possible to get the best result from Answer The Public.


9. Create engaging content

Perhaps, you’ve heard “content is king”. Without proper content audience engagement will decrease and bounce rate will increase.

So, after finding right topics from Answer The Public, its time to write on them.

There are two ways of writing engaging content.

If you are an expert writer then, you can write all your blog by own. And the 2nd way is to hire an expert writer.


Many newcomers in this field didn’t have that much budget to hire writers for their blog. That is why, you should also keep practice writing.

To write a user friendly content you can take help from this article.

Remember, the main motive of your blog writing is to gain genuine audience engagement.

 If you are writing for search engine, then you may be going in the wrong way. Try optimize for readers, not for Google/Bing. Below are some tips:

  • In 2020, video and audio consumption certainly increased. So try to add at least 1 video. or 1 podcast in each blog.
  • No one has the time read a 5000 words article! Thats true! So break content into small paragraphs and input at least one infographic in each heading.
  • Use engaging images. 
  • Interlink all your blog posts naturally. Do not force readers to go somewhere else.

10. Practice SEO everyday

Now, your blog design is ready, you created awesome content. But how search engine agree that your page has the most valuable content on the web?

Here’s come SEO.


The most complicated term in blogging is ‘SEO’, which means search engine optimization.

There are two types of SEO. first one is On page SEO which is most important for any blog. The second one is off page SEO, which has comparatively low value.

Do remember, you should practice both.

Below are some tips for both on page and off page SEO.

On page SEO:

This is such type of SEO which we generally use inside our website or blog.

There are many optimizations we should use in our blog to get the best on page SEO result.

  1. Using title and meta tags.
  2. Proper keyword research.
  3. Using keyword in the Title.
  4. Use of small paragraphs.
  5. Creating user friendly url.
  6. Making blog mobile friendly ie; responsive.
  7. Fastening web page loading speed.
  8. Using alt-tag in all images.
  9. Improving user experience.
  10. Optimizing for CTR.
  11. Optimizing featured snippet.

and many more…


If you are using Blogspot free platform, you’ve to do these all manually. But in WordPress, there are several SEO plugin which does the work for you.

Off page SEO:

Similarly, these are the SEO tactics which we use outside our blog.

Off page SEO should be done manually, not by any software or hacking type of things.


This is also contain several optimization rules. Below are some of those:

  1. Guest blogging
  2. Forum posting
  3. blog commenting
  4. Social media posting
  5. Question answer site posting
  6. Paid promotion
If you haven’t read our SEO related posts yet. Then have a look at those to get clear idea here: SEO

11. Build social network

At the very beginning, we all face a common problem, which is traffic.

But in case you already have a social channel like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, then you can bring initial traffic from there.

I have visited many blogs where almost 80% traffic comes from social referral.

Start a Facebook page with your brand name and invite initial members from your friend list.

As I mentioned above, video consumption is increasing day by day. So, its better to start a YouTube channel from today.

Here are some tips to start and grow YouTube channel.

Reddit is a genuine platform from where you can bring traffic. Most of the visitors love reading blogs there.


Benefits of using social media as a blogger:

  1. There are many social bookmarking sites from where you can get backlinks. Those may boost your domain authority.
  2. Social media can create brand awareness. Whether it is business or, personal branding, Social media can boost it up rapidly.
  3. Bring traffic to your blog by sharing your content with others.
  4. Meet SEO experts who can solve your blog queries if any.
  5. Build relationship with other bloggers in your niche, and check what strategies they are following to rank their blogs up.

12 .Do Guest blogging

Ranking on Google is not a rocket science. It won’t happen in a week.

But there are some methods by using which you can easily try to beat your competitors.

Guest blogging means writing articles on another on’s blog. It seems to be easy, right? But it isn’t.

Guest blogging is popular for do follow link building method. This is the most genuine way. Convincing a blog admin for Guest blogging getting tougher day by day.

Many bloggers are asking for money to give you a chance for a guest post.


Guest blogging is effective for every blogger because:

  1. You can simply hyperlink any one of your blog post there. Thus you can get a do follow backlink.
  2. Properly guest posting on a high authority site can bring traffic to your blog.
  3. It can improve your authority and branding in the industry.
  4. You can expand your blog network by this.
  5. It can increase the chances of getting your post shared on social media.
  6. At last but not the least, it can help to build a strong relationship with other blog owners.

13. Promote your blog:

Blog promotion is another way to bring traffic.

First, think of your customers. Where can they hang out now? May be Facebbok? Or, may be Instagram.

Remember, Don’t waste all your money for promoting on just one platform.

Try testing all the platform and decide what suits you.


There are hundreds off blog promotion techniques. Here are some of those:

  1. Build Email list and send Emails to your subscribers. It can be used to sell products too.
  2. Join some communities like Reddit, GrowthHackers,, etc and promote content there by helping others.
  3. Promote your content on social platform like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, twitter, etc.
  4. You also can promote your content by automatic push notification. Many plugins are there which can help you sending push notification.
  5. Also there are paid ways. You can show ads on Facebook, Google, YouTube, TikTok, etc by simply promoting your product or, services.

14. Make money blogging in India

You know, Blogging is fun! And it will be more interesting if your blog rewards you by some dollars.

In fact there are many Indian blog sites who are genuinely earning over 1000$ per month.

In case of me, I start my own blog and make money from it in different ways. I will describe all of those here.

1. Affiliate marketing:

Affiliate marketing means promoting someone’s product or, services to your audience.
Suppose, I started a new company but didn’t find any sells from last 1 month. So, what I should do? 
I will generally pick top blogs or, YouTube channel and tell them to promote my product, and thus I will give some commission to those bloggers/ Youtubers.

This is Affiliate marketing basically.

There are so many reputed affiliate marketing companies in the market like Amazon, Flipkart, CJ, Shareasale, clickbank, and many more.

2. Google adsense:

Small start ups and businesses with products and services promote them in to Google by signing up on Google adwords.
Similarly, If you want to show advertisement on your blog, you have to sign up for Google adsense.

There are certain conditions on the basis of which someone can show advertisement on their blog.
Once you fulfill those. The rest will be a smooth journey.

3. Sponsorship:

This is also an earning method where you can generate a huge benefits. 
Many companies, especially software/health product companies provide up to 500$-1000& for just 1 sponsored post on your blog.
You have to tell your audience what the product is about and how that can add value to them.
Remember, always accept sponsored products if you personally feel that it is safe. Never misguide your audidence.

4. Guest blogging:

Once your blog started gaining some audiences, you can start accepting paid guest post.
I gave brief idea about guest post above. Blogger and digital marketers use it for link building specially.
By accepting paid post, you can charge up to 100$ for giving a link back to their site.

Frquently asked questions about Blogging in India

How can I start a blog and get paid in India?

Starting a blog is easy. There are two necessary things needed for starting a blog. First one is domain and second one is hosting. Though, you can start your blog on Free blogspot platform. To start, connect your domain to hosting, then install WordPress. Set up necessary things and just start writing.

How can I start a blog in India 2020?

In 2020, blogging is easier than ever. Because you get a lot of resources to start a blog. But remember, The competition is really tough. I recommend you to start a blog only if you have patience and interest on any topic.

How much does a blogger earn in India?

Earning always depends on your hard work and dedication. There are so many bloggers in India in 2020. To earn some dollars you have to compete them. Coming back to the question, an intermediate blogger can earn up to 1000$ and the expert bloggers are earning up to 5000$ per month.

Can you start a blog for free?

Sure, You can. There are two popular free platform to start a blog. 1. Blogspot 2. They also can give a free domain extension. That means you do not need anything to pay.

Where can I blog for free?

There are many blog writing platforms. You can start a blog on blogger with '' domain extension. Or, You can start blog on with '' domain extension. Both are free. And there are blog writing platforms like Quora, Medium and many more.

Is blogger completely free?

Yes. Blogger is completely free platform. But, if you want to add custom domain, then you have to buy that and add to your blogger. Also, if you want to customize your blog with premium themes, then you also need to purchase it.

How do bloggers get paid?

Blogging is a broad topic. There are hundreds of ways you can earn money from blogging. Here are the steps: 1. Buy a domain 2. Buy hosting 3. start with WordPress 4. Generate some organic traffic 5. Show ads on your blog 6. do affiliate programming 7. Take sponsorships.

16. Conclusion

So, this was a complete A to Z guide on how to start a blog in India.

Blogging is something which you have to take seriously in upcoming days. Even many small businesses started blog in 2020 to take their business online.

Remember, Success depends on your effort and dedication. Anyone can not start making money overnight here.

Every pro bloggers once were beginners. The first and the most important step you should take is ‘You should start’. 

It is all about our mindset.

Hope you like this edition of the article. If so, Please share it on Facebook groups and every social media you use with your friends.

DISCLAIMER: Some of the above mentioned links are affiliate links in the text or image form. I personally never charge any kind of extra money from my readers. Once you purchase something from my links, I will get some commission from respective company for guiding you in the right way.

Thanking you,

Special Blogger


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