5 Sensible Ways to Increase Traffic To Your New Blog


You’ve been working hard since you started your blog: Setting the blog, rolling out with the new design, and probably have written a couple of articles as well in the hope to drive some blog traffic. But you’re not getting the expected traffic.

Is that you?

Don’t worry! In this article, I will show you how to drive traffic to your new blog. These are so easy and proven methods to generate targeted user traffic in less time.


1. Create Content Strategy

Let me tell you the secret to blogging success first, without great content on your blog, there would be nothing for you to promote. So creating great content on your blog is damn important before you do anything. Say at least 2 to 5 base and value-packed articles that could drive your traffic.

But content alone is not enough; you will need to develop better content than your competitors. It means you need a serious content strategy to justice your marketing efforts. Here is how to do it:

  • List your 5 competitors in your niche who are already doing well.
  • Find out their secret traffic-generating keywords using the SEMrush tool. Get at least 10 various keywords to write 10 different articles.
  • Now you need to play it smart. Hit the 1st keyword and do the competitor analysis. Means, you visit each competitor (at least 15 competitors) and analyze their content structuring and flow.
  • Create 15x better content than your competitors. Make sure you are optimizing the content with a better title, Meta description, bullet points, and headings.

Now you have top-notch content and it is time to promote it as much as you can with the help of social media.

2. Start writing on Quora right now

With the above 1st step, you shall get decent traffic based on the audience you have already built or friends you have made. However, if you want to hit some big numbers, Quora is the deal.

It is easy to use Quora and drive results in less than an hour. Here is how:

  • Signup to Quora using your email or Gmail account.
  • Create a profile with an interesting bio and picture.
  • Now search your niche keywords like “cooking tips”, “business ideas”, etc using the search option on Quora.
  • You will find hundreds of questions that are asked by newbies. All you need to do is answer their questions more compellingly so that the answer excites the reader to visit your profile and visit your blog.
  • You can even add a relevant article of your blog to each answer.

That’s it, easy and instant traffic generator. I have been using Quora for more than 7 years and already driven millions of traffic to all my blogs.

The results from Quora depend on your consistency in writing, the value that you add to the readers, and the research that you do. So give the best value that you could.


3. Do the Text Interviews

Start doing Text Interviews on your blog with niche experts, bloggers, and Influencers.

The person you have interviewed will share the Interview post with everybody he knows. He will tweet about it, share a post on the Facebook group for his fans, and probably put in his “featured” section as well with a do-follow link.

By interviewing an expert on your blog, you are boosting your credibility. And that helps the readers to trust you more and even subscribe to you.

The best part is that people even search the experts on Google, which means, you can optimize the Interview for their name-keywords.

Interviews are easy to do and the benefits are truly endless.

How to choose people for blog Interviews?

Look out for people who are doing well in your niche, make a list and reach one by one to learn whether they’re interested in an Interview.

How to request an expert for an Interview?

Here is the format that you could use:

“Dear [Expert Name],

My name is [….] and I have been a fan of your work for quite a time. I run a blog called […….], where I started publishing Interviews of influencers and industry experts.

I’m reaching out to you because I would love to feature you on my blog. The interview will be with 10 questions. If you are interested to participate, please let me know your response so that I can come back with some interesting questions.”

That’s it, take an action, run Interviews on your blog.

4. Mention fellow bloggers in your content with a do-follow link

Most new bloggers fear the ego to mention others on their blogs.

Why should I give a backlink to the person that I don’t know? Why should I mention him?

That’s the wrong mindset.

Since you’re a beginner, it will take a long time to build authority on your blog and to see SEO results. In the meanwhile, why not try alternatives to drive traffic to your blog?

Mentioning fellow bloggers and competitors in your blog post is the best thing that you could do over the period.

Yes, mention the people around you.

Mention mid-level and same level bloggers regularly in your content and avoid mentioning industry experts as they might not recognize your efforts.

If you visit my blog posts, I mention at least one blogger in every blog post of mine. That helps me to build long term relationships with them and to drive sweet passive traffic to my blog.

Most of the bloggers have already built their audience base through Facebook groups. Just imagine how much traffic you would get if they would share your content with their audience.

Also, you shouldn’t be surprised if they return your favor in the form of an authority backlink. Just imagine the profits!

5. Create an expert round-up post to increase blog traffic

What is an expert roundup?

A roundup post is a collection of various opinions from experts about a particular topic.

For example, my friend Vishwajeet has published an expert roundup; take a look to understand it better.

14 Pro blogger share tips on how to become a successful blogger

Expert round up has so many benefits. Each expert from the post will be sharing your post with their audience, linking back on their blogs, and probably shout out in their videos as well. It could bring in thousands of traffic in a day and boosts your authority as a blogger in your niche.

If I put the benefits aside, creating an excellent round-up could be tricky. The first thing you need is a question to ask them all. Here are some tips:

  • Think of your niche and the audience, what they are struggling for: Turn it into a roundup.
  • Filter out the promising experts who are doing well and you think they could your audience help with a fine solution, reach them with a request.
  • Asking more people could get you more content but what if most of them give identical answers? So reach out to few, on average 15 to 20 for a trending topic.

Here is an easy sample of outreach email:

Hey [Expert Name],

I am going to publish a roundup post on my blog (www.blogname.com) and I am hoping that you could share your expertise.

Title of the roundup – 20 Bloggers share their best tips to grow a beginner blog

I will include your name, short bio, and a backlink to your blog. Let me know the response.

That’s it.

An expert roundup is the best way to generate traffic to your new blog, get you backlinks, take you to the new audience, and increase your authority.

The beauty of expert roundups is, you give them a chance to share their expertise to get exposure and you get the above benefits. Win-Win situation!


If you go Internet finding the ways to increase blog traffic, you will go exhausted with so many practices and leaves you doing nothing out of confusion.

The above five ways are golden nuggets for a beginner blogger as each is a simple and proven strategy to drive big traffic numbers.

Now you know how to increase blog traffic in 2020 it is time for you to show the action.

In addition, please check on how to promote your blog.



  • I love blogging, learning and experimenting SEO methods that work. I help aspiring beginners to get started with blogging and scaling it eventually through my blog Nettyfeed.

8 thoughts on “5 Sensible Ways to Increase Traffic To Your New Blog”

  1. Hello Mudassir,

    Great post as usual. Increasing traffic to a blog is a tough job especially for the newbie bloggers. Quora is a great place to drive traffic by answering questions and linking it with relevant posts. Thanks for sharing this beautiful post.

    Vishwajeet Kumar

  2. Just amazing post Shekhar.

    increasing traffic on new blog is quite hard and this is the moment where many bloggers gets frustrated and quit blogging. I am too a blogger and have faced same kind of issues but yet working with complete dedication.

    I would love to connect with you.


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