How SEO will change in 2021 after Google core updates [expert round-up]


In May 4, 2020 Google confirmed that a new Google core update is rolling out.

Here was the tweet from the Google search team:

This week on 18th may, 2020 Google confirmed that the roll out has been completed.

In these two weeks of search engine broad core update, many websites are affected. This update impacted some sites positively, some negatively though.

Many site owners have a question on how SEO will change in 2021 after this Google core updates.

Top pro bloggers also confirmed their traffic down by a decent percentage. If you haven’t checked your site yet, log in to your Google analytics and have a look at your site traffic.

SEMrush showed some statistical data about the industries which got most affected by this core update. Here are the stats by SearchEngineLand:


If you are thinking, only small sites got affected in this broad update, then you’re wrong.

Here are some popular website who saw their traffic down after May 4.

  • Spotify
  • LinkedIn
  • Burlington
  • Nypost

After the Panda update, back in 2011, Google advice on improving your site’s ranking for the future.

We collected some data from their official site about how to recover your site from Google core update hit. Here are some of the topics you have to keep in mind;

Google’s advice on recovering site from core update hit

  • Provide researched, analyzed, and original information.
  • Is the Title of the page descriptive? If not, make it now.
  • Would others feel comfortable trusting your site’s content?
  • Is your content free from spelling mistakes?
  • Is your web page mobile friendly?
  • Is your page showing excessive advertisements?

Here, we have collected some industry experts to gather some opinions about how their sites are working, and how you too can manage this by changing some structures.


Experts opinion on how SEO will change in 2021 after these Google major updates:

Here are some expert’s opinions on SEO in 2021. One thing I must tell you before starting this round-up post, SEO is a never-ending process. SEO will not change, implementing SEO strategies will be updated.

We just have to implement newest strategies advised by below industry experts.

#1 Umer Qureshi from GuideBlogging


Google Core Update?

Hm! Interesting, 

After this google core update, many blogs will start focusing on creating high-quality content rather than focusing on backlinks.

I know backlinks will remain essential but as per my point of view,

If you have a good website with a properly structured content then you can’t get any effect by google updates but,

If you don’t have proper content then maybe you’ll get hit by Google,

So that’s why I always try to add so much value in my article that nobody is giving anywhere.

In 2021 SEO for sure, We can see the changes because google always tries to keep them updated and secure, 

But the things I can say that now Google is giving more priority to content rather than backlinks.

So in 2021, I’ll recommend that all the bloggers start focusing on creating high-quality content that can satisfy google and readers.

And, I also want to add one more point here that,

Nowadays people focusing more on backlinks rather than content so,

I want to recommend them that start focusing on creating good quality content because,

When you have good quality content, people will start linking you, and I’m not just sharing the theory with you,

You can check my blog (GuideBlogging) where I’ll do zero backlink outreach and,

This is to show my readers that, If you have good quality content then people will link you for sure,

And, Along with that google also pushes your content because they need content from the trusted source,

So, If you are providing good quality content, then you are automatically making trust in the eyes of google.

#2 Vishwajeet Kumar from BlogWithVK


SEO is an ever-changing world. You need to work on different strategies to adapt your website with frequent Google core updates.

Recently Google has announced its May Core update. It’s mainly a target website that has slow page loading speed and did not update their old content.
However, there are some basic things that cannot be changed and considered a foundation of your SEO. These are as follows:

  1. Content
    Content always plays a great role. Creating unique and original content is very important. Google always love content that is relevant and help users to find what they are actually looking for.
    A well researched and in-depth content rank very well in search engines. Try to create posts with more than 2000 words. However, you need to maintain the quality of your content
  2. Loading Speed
    Page loading speed is very important because many website gets hit by Google’s May 2020 core update. So, you definitely need to maintain the page loading speed of your blog. Using a reliable and powerful web hosting is very important. A poor web hosting is the main culprit behind the poor website response time.
    You can also optimize your blog speed by using a cache plugin or CDN like Cloudflare.
  3. Backlinks
    Backlinks are the backbone of your website SEO. You need to create quality backlinks from high authority websites. Guest posting is a great way to create a powerful backlink score for your blog.

I always prefer to create one quality backlink instead of creating hundreds of junk links.
Google uses 200+ factors to determine the ranking of your blog. In future basics will not change. You need to work on this and always be proactive for new strategies and implement them on your blog.

#3 Mudassir Ahmed from Nettyfeed


How SEO will change in 2021 after Google’s core updates?

Google has been operating for years to line up relevant and better results for its search users. Appearing at higher slots could be your game changer to generate more clicks and sales. After Google’s major updates like BERT, May 2020, etc., most digital businesses have been looking for ways to regain their lost SEO rankings and traffic, especially bloggers.

The main principle of Google is “Quality & Relevancy”, obviously that can be achieved via “Matching user intent” and “offering easy user experience”. You might think that you are already doing it. Guess what! Google hints to us that ‘great content’ alone is not good enough to rank. But the content must be relevant with current trends and to match user intent.

Backlinks are still important but we must not obsess with the strategy and focus on quantity. Instead, focus on generating quality and relevant backlinks consistently.

Adapting content strategies like “videos”, “real ratings & reviews”, “faq schema”, and “long-tail keywords” can still win the game for you.

So keep optimizing your pages by analyzing your winning competitors, design some budget for paid results, and look after your on-page SEO.

The truth is, hundreds of SEO strategies were introduced and washed off over time. But one thing stayed constantly with us – “The goal of answering the search user’s query”. So put yourself in the shoes of a common reader who wants a simple answer for a question and develop your content accordingly. Just write for humans and while the proofreading, optimize the content at low-level with relevant keywords and headings. This way, you win both people and Google.

Might not happen to sit on the 1st-page result overnight, but yes, you could be still in the race to win.

#4 Ryan Biddulph from BloggingFromParadise


Thanks, buddy !.
I do not think much about how SEO will change after Google’s next update because if you create helpful content, build friendships with top bloggers and remain patient during the process, search traffic will find you.

The challenge is not blogging for SEO, or Google, but for yourself and your readers.

Success is simple but sticking to simple strategies feels uncomfortable because most bloggers around you vibe from fear, and in so doing, try to manipulate Google, strategies, and people, making things complex.

Whether in 2021, or 2031, create helpful content and make friends with fellow bloggers. Google will continue reward problem solvers who generate organic backlinks lobbed their way by warm blogging buddies.

#5 Sumit Sao from BloggingLift:


Google’s Core Update affected lots of sites. If your site affected due to it then I’ll recommend you update your content. It will help you to improve your ranking.

According to me, SEO will be the same even in 2021. Quality content and quality backlinks will help to get a better ranking. Remember, If the content is king then the quality backlink is queen.

So, If you want to rank your article in 2021 and beyond then focus on creating in-depth quality content and build the quality backlinks for your articles.

You should also focus on improving UX (User Experience) and site speed. These all will help you to rank your article even in 2021 and beyond.

#6 Aksshit Wadhwa from Bloghaul:

aksshit wadhwa

Everytime Google comes up with a new algorithm update which gives a different impact on all the websites. Some of them get an increase in their website traffic or some get decreased.

So, I would like to share some basic tips which will help you to increase your website traffic constantly in the future. These are the best organic ways which I personally use and like :

  1. Update your content every 90days where it is required.
  2. Focus more on doing Guest Posts instead of buying or creating spammy links.
  3. Start focusing on Social signals which will help you to boost your SERP as Bomb.
  4. Optimize your Website Speed to under 3secs.
  5. Do proper Keyword Research and should also know the intent of each keyword.
  6. Add more valuable Images, Videos, Tables, etc. to your content to make it easy for users and it will also help you to get in the featured source.
  7. Interlink 3-4 content of yours in 1500 word articles. This will help you google and your users to know more about your content. (Link only relevant one)

Many people must be knowing these ways but it’s all about implementing or not. I’m personally using all these ways and making my blog better day by day.

#7 Ravi Dixit from StayMeOnline:


First of all, thanks for inviting me Shekhar to this roundup post.

On 4th May 2020, Google announced a core update which was a very big update on Google.

That’s why they call it “core” update…

See what SEMrush Sensor identifies:

It impacted many big brands and websites, their traffic and ranking dropped a lot. On the other hand, I have also seen some websites climbing up in the Google search result page and gaining more traffic.

These are the industries that got most affected:

  • Travel
  • Real Estate
  • People & society
  • Health
  • Pets & Animals

Google is getting smarter day-by-day, so, what changes to expect in 2021?

Let me share some points that Google will deeply care about in 2021 and strategies that you can start implementing on your blog to get the most out of SEO in 2021.

Update Content Frequently

Google loves fresh and updated content, you may also have the outdated content on your blog.

I prefer updating content more frequently than writing new content every single day. 

Well, updating content isn’t mean just updating the title, adding more images. Instead of this, updating content means, adding more details about the written topic, removing outdating paragraphs, updating images. 

Focus Voice Searches

Most of the internet users prefer using a mobile device to surf the internet and for visiting blogs and websites.

Voice search will be going to be the most used pattern of search on Google because it allows multitasking.

Imagine, you are doing some work and said Hey, Google or Hey, Siri “what are the best places to visit in London“ and Google or Siri shard a list of the places you can visit on your searched location.

Isn’t it more convenient to make a search than typing in the search box?

It is already in trends in 2020 and going to increase its reach in 2021, you should start optimizing your content for voice search, you still have enough to get grab your position.

Install Amazon Polly

Amazon Polly is a text-to-speech tool that you can put on your blog to make easy for visitors to consume your content.

While some people find reading boring, you can get their attention by allowing them to listen to your post.

Amazon Polly has a WordPress plugin that makes easy to integrate it with your WordPress site.

Content Will Always Be The King

Content is king and it will also be in 2021 and beyond. Google has more than 200 rankings factors that decide a web page rank in SERPs.

You can cover most of in 200+ factors by creating in-depth, high-quality, unique, engaging content around the topic you are writing about.

Google Cares About User Experience

Google deeply cares about the user experience and incentivizes the websites that are providing a good experience to their users.

For providing good user experience, keep your site easy to navigate, it should be mobile-friendly as well, keep short paragraphs that look easy to read in mobile devices.

There are a lot more techniques that you can start implementing to provide good reader experience.

#8 Chayan Chakrabarti from SimpleFactsOnline


There is a lot of fuss created as well after this update from google. It happens all the time. I
have seen all the bloggers and marketers are running from the pillars to post to know about
the Google update.

Before getting into the details, let’s understand how Google is generating millions of dollars
with their business model. The sooner you will appreciate their business model, the more
protection you will get from the algorithm changes.

Google is a multi-billion-dollar company, and its most popular product is the google search
engine. They have play store, Gmail, google maps, etc. in their incredible product lineup.

So as a user, when we search anything on google, google will show us the most updated
and relevant information so that as a user, we can trust Google, and we will come back to
Google in the future if we are stuck with anything. Now how google is earning? They are
receiving from the advertisers who are showing their ad’s on google. More visitors will drive
more ads.
So Google will not show any half-cooked or misleading information in their page one. And as
a business owner, you always want to be on top of the google search results.

So I think in 2020, Google will focus more on specific content, and they will penalize the thin
materials, by thin content and explicit content, I did not mean the word counts.

Detailed content means, your content should provide all the aspects of that topic. If you are
not doing it, start it now. Continue the good work if you are doing it.

Make sure your website is well structured and mobile-friendly.

Many people think that only backlinks can help a website to grow. But it’s not entirely true.
We need to create the backlinks in a natural process; it should add values to our site.

We have to make sure that our site is loading under 1.5 to 2.5 seconds. If you can ensure all
these, then there should not be any reason to worry about any algorithm updates, and also,
this can get you a lot of referral traffic, so it’s a win-win for you.


So, These were some experts’ opinions on How SEO will change in 2021. I hope you got your answer here.

If you have any further questions please be frank, and ask via comment below.

This was the first edition of Round-Up post on SEO. All of these bloggers are my friend and helped me a lot throughout my journey.

I will bring some more cool topics for you guys through round-up posts like this.

If you love this, do not forget to share on social media.

Ta da ! Take care.


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  1. Hello Shekhar,

    Awesome post. SEO is always changing the world. You cannot predict how it judges and ranks your site. Google’s frequent core updates make it more difficult. however, If you stick to basics and optimize your site for good user experience then it would be easy to prevent any penalty and rank drop. Thanks for giving me the opportunity.

  2. Hello Shekhar,
    First of all thanks a lot for including me in this awesome round-up post with all the experts. Google updates are like pain for all the bloggers, but if we stick to the basics and do what is required, then this kind of updates won’t impact us in a negative way. Keep inspiring.

  3. Google updates have been so frequent and inevitable for the last two years and are going to be. With every hit, bloggers are off to learn new things and there’s been scope to understand SEO better and better and grow.

    I’m glad to learn diversified opinions on this subject from all these experts through this roundup. Thank you for giving me this amazing opportunity, Shekhar.

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  4. First of all thanks to your Shekher for summarizing special blogger thoughts. Umer & Sumit is an awesome guy, following them for a long time & no wonder they always share good things. Missing Santanu Da here

    Backlinks will remain essential but having high-quality and properly structured content is always something that Google loves and no matter what update, if you are following this you can’t get any effect by google updates.

  5. i think google is working more on content,voice search and ai. The google is working on AI as wants the user to get what the people wants.What he searches he gets.For that the website content and structure is needed most.

  6. Hi Shekhar,

    Amazing Post! Glad you shared this post on how SEO will change in the year 2021. And I am pretty impressed with the quality of this post & the bloggers you have invited to share their views on it. All these bloggers are well known in their niches. And according to me, I think Google will more focus on the Voice Search, User experience & providing answers to the search queries as fast as possible.

    And frankly speaking, no one exactly knows on what basis google is improvising their algorithm but these days they are focusing on User Experience.

    Keep up the good work… Keep sharing…


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