How to connect WPForms to google sheets


Connect WPForms with Google Sheets

WPForms is one of the most popular and beginner-friendly WordPress contact form. Do you want to monitor WPForms contact form entry in a Google spreadsheet?

By connecting WordPress contact form to Google Sheets, you and your team members can easily manage all leads.

In this guide, I am going to share the quick and best way to integrate your WPForms contact form plugin to Google sheets.

Integrate WPForms to Google Spreadsheet

First of all, you need to install and activate the WPForms plugin on your WordPress website. After installing the plugin, you need to create your first contact form in WPForms. For import entries in Google sheets, you’ll need to install and active GSheet Connector WPForms Pro add-on plugin. This add-on helps you to export WordPress contact forms entries automatically to the spreadsheet.

Active GSheet Connector WPForms Addon

Without active GSheet Connector add-on, you can’t monitor your contact form entries to sheets. First, you need to enter the GSheet Connector WPForms PRO plugin activation key. You will get an activation key from the dashboard. Grab your license key, then Go to the GSheet connector license tab and plug it there.

Now let’s take look at how to connect WPForms to Google Sheets by using GSheet connector addon.

How to Connect WPForms to Google Sheets?

After entering the license key, plugin integration and form setting tab will unlock automatically. Now, you’ll need to connect your Google sheets Gmail ID with GSheet connector plugin.

Get Google Access Code

The first step is that, Click on the “Get Code” button, to start the authentication process.

Allow GSheet Connector WPForm Plugin to authenticate Google Drive

Without website owner permission, Google and other WordPress plugins can’t get access to your website assets. So in this step, you have to allow GSheet Connector Plugin to get access to your Google Drive.

Copy Authentication plugin and paste it into Google Access Code box

After given permission, you will get the confirmation code that is authentication code. Grab that code and plug it into the Google Access Code section and push the “SAVE” button.

Fetch Google Sheets in WPForms plugin

After completing the authentication process, you need to fetch all Google sheets in WPForms. For that, bottom to the authentication section you will have “Click Here” to fetch sheets details. Click on that link, and start fetching sheets in the WPForm plugin.

Note: If you have plenty of Sheets in your Google Drive, then defiantly it will take some time.

Now we are going to connect Google Sheets with your WPForm contact form.

Connect Spreadsheet with Contact Form

Earlier in this post, we have integrated the GSheet Connector add-on plugin with WPForms contact form plugin. Now, we are going to connect the Google spreadsheet with the contact form.

For that, navigate to the Form setting tab.

Select your Right Contact Form

When you land to Form setting tab, you will get Select Form drop-down option, from that drop-down choose that contact form, which entries you want to monitor to Google sheets.

Choose Right Google Sheets and Tabs

After selecting the contact form, you need to choose Google sheets name and Google tab name from the drop-down option.

Note: If you are not able to see your right Google sheets, the bottom of the Google Sheet Integration section, you’ll get sheet fetch option. Use that link and re-fetch your Google sheets.

After re-fetching still, you can’t see your Google sheets name in the drop-down menu. Now you should use a manual method to complete the integration process.

Add Google Sheets and Tab Name and ID Manually

First of all, unable manually Spreadsheet information adding fields by click on “Manually adding of sheet name and tab name” option.

After clicking on that checkbox, Google sheet setting interface will look like this:

Now you need to add all the information manually, so go to Google sheets that you want to integrates with this contact form.

If you are connecting GSheet Connector plugin first time, then defiantly you are confused to find out Google sheets and tab ID.

It’s very easy to get it from Google sheets URL (Slug).

Grab all the information, fill out in WPForms, and click on the “Submit Data” button.

Set up Field List

Filed will be heading of your Google sheets. So if checked only those field boxes, which information you want to monitor in Google sheets. GSheet Connector plugin will allow you to replace field names with your custom header title, so if you want to change the name by writing in the box.

At last, push on the “Submit Data” button to complete the integration process, and start monitoring your contact form information in Google spreadsheets.


GSheet connector WPForms plugin is the best add-on of the WPForms plugin for import entries in Google Sheets. Without any technical knowledge, you can integrate both plugins with each other in a few clicks.

Did you connect your WPForms plugin with Google Sheets? If not, whom are you waiting for? Let’s connect the two most powerful WordPress plugins to each other.

I hope this article helps you a lot. If you like this article, then please share with other WPForms users to monitor their contact form entries easily in Google Sheets.


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