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As a Blogger, we always need some inspiration. Do you want to know which are best blogs in India? No problem, I will demonstrate 30+ best blog here.

So, without wasting any time, Let’s get started.


This is not in a ranking order. And I didn’t make the list by promoting anyone. It is a list on the basis of Country rank, Alexa rank, blog authority, and many more metrix.

If you are new to the blogging field, I have something interesting for you here:

How to blog


History of blogging in India

According to ‘Onlinejournalism’, the first blog which became popular in India was Dina Mehta’s blog during Mumbai Terror attack. Later, in Bihar flood case, Aug, 2008, a blog became so much popular by providing useful information to viewers.

Indian bloggers always tried to give useful information to audience when it comes to comparison with other country bloggers.

Miteshvasa took a survey on Indian blogging atmosphere in 2006. You may be surprised to know some stats.

Do you know, in 2006 there were 45% male bloggers and 38% female bloggers in the world? But, when it comes to India the male-female ratio was 80%-20%.

So, you may have the idea that, in 2006 there weren’t many female bloggers in India. Here are the stats-





Count: 32203

Count: 5302

Count: 2623

Later, in India, many group blogs started like DesiPundit, BlogBharati, Delhibloggers etc.

Perhaps you didn’t know an interesting fact. Even Indian media like ‘The Times of India’, ‘Bangalore Times‘, ‘Dainik Bhaskar’, ‘The Hindu’  once accused plagiarising bloggers’ content.

Gradually bloggers started being popular in the online field.

Internet users in India

Now, the internet become so much popular that even a needle can be sold via online.

I have some stats for you regarding this. The below image will give you an idea about how many people are online in India, 2020.


I hope, this image screenshot will give you some power of thinking. If you are thinking of blogging in 2020. Then I am telling you that, this is the best time to start.

Top best blogs in India

The things which I took into account when making best blogs in India list:

  • Blog authority
  • Visitors per month
  • Blog popularity
  • Social shares
  • Alexa Ranking
  • Country ranking
  • Domain age

Best fashion blogs in India

1. Anshita Juneja:

Are you a fashion lover? Then you may know her. Anshita Juneja is the founder of Vanitynoapologies blog. She started blogging in 2010, currently having 800000/mo visitors. No doubt she is awarded best fashion blogger.

2. Aashna Shroff:

The snob journal” is among top beauty and fashion blog in India. Aashna Shroof is the founder and editor of that blog. She has worked with many international brands like Nykaa, L’oreal, body shop etc.

3. Akansha Redhu:

Akansha Redhu runs a blog named “Akansharedhu.com“. It seems to be a personal blog but she shares fashion and beauty tips through her blog.

4. Shalini Chopra:

From young age Bangalore girl Shalini Chopra always slanted towards fashion blogs. Her blog “Stylish by Nature” is all about beauty, fashion, foods, Events etc.

5. Devina Malhotra:

She loves writing, travelling. Besides that she also works as a digital marketing professional. Her blog “Guilty Bytes” is among the most popular fashion blogs in India. She also works as a social media strategist for small business.

Best news blogs in India

1. Times of India:

ToI is the most popular news blog in India. Currently have 5 Lakhs+ daily visitor and is bigger than 98% of other websites in world.


2. NDTV news:

This blog provides latest daily news from India and World. Covered almost every aspects, ie, Business, Sports, Technology, Photos etc. NDTV currently having almost 5 Lakhs visitors per day.


3. India Today:

If you want daily news about Indian politics, travel, business, sports then India Today is among the most useful blog for you. Also you can watch live TV on India Today‘s website. Currently this site is having 4.5 Lakhs of visitors per day.


4. The Hindu:

This blog is mostly popular for statistics, analysis news. They also deeply cover the topics like Indian politics, Sports, Cinema, Arts etc. The Hindu is currently having above 4 Lakhs visitors per day.


5. The Indian Express:

TIE publish genuine news with eye-catching headlines. Also, it covers hot topics, latest breaking news from business, World & Entertainment, exclusive editorials etc. Currently having 3.7 Lakhs of visitors per day.


Best technology blogs in India

There are many technology bloggers in India. If I can start taking name one by one the article will be endless. Though, I found out some awesome tech bloggers here:

1. Harsh Agrawal:

He is the founder and editor of the blog ShoutMeLoud.com. By education, Harsh is an engineer and by profession, he is a full time blogger. Once in his interview he stated that, previously he was about to join Accenture, but later he decided to do something on his own. When it comes to blogging industry, this is among the top best blog in India.

Shoutmeloud currently having Approx 7 Lakhs of traffic per month organically.


2. Amit Agarwal:

He is an IIT graduate who previously worked in ADP Inc. Later he wants to be his own boss and thus created his award winning blog “Digital inspiration”. Amit has written many articles on The Wall Street Journal, Hindustan Times and many more website too.

Digital inspiration has been moved to Labnol. He posted about many tech tricks there. You’ll love the blog for sure. His website has currently over 14 Lakhs of organic visitors per month.


3. Amit Bhawani:

He is the founder of Androidadvices. Amit post general blogs on Android tips and tricks. If any new phone launches in the market, you can get every specification and features of the phone on this blog.

His blog is currently having over 30k visitors per month organically.


4. Srinivas Tamada:

If you love programming, or learning of new code, then 9lessons is for you. Srinivas is the founder of this beautiful blog. He is also an Entrpreneur. 9lessons is a unique tech blog. Al tutorial of programming languages like Java, Html, CSS are there.

His blog is currently having 4k visitors per month.


5. Ankit Kumar Singla:

He is a blogger by profession. Also he is a part-time web designer, SEO expert. Ankit is among the youngest technical bloggers in India. In his blog TechTricksWorld he share technical tricks for newbie and professional bloggers.

His blog is currently having over 1 Lakh visitors per month.


Best health blogs in India

Health blogs gain most traffics on web because we daily need some information or solution for our endless health problems.

1. Health Becon:

Ayurveda has gained a lot of trust by curing many complicated health problems. Health Becon blog is maintained by an Ayurveda practitioner Vineetha. She helps people by giving instructions about health problems, nutrition etc.

Health Bacon is currently having over 50k monthly visitors organically.


2. Zig verb:

This is among the best health and fitness blogs in India. It is maintained by Kishore Kumar and his team. The blog covers various topics like medical conditions & cure, health addiction etc.

Zig verb is currently has 61k visitor per month organically.


3. Mom on the run:

Anupriya Thakur is a work from home mom and a passionate runner. She, through her blog, inspire many moms to live a healthier life. Also she share healthy recipies through her blog.

Mom on the run currently has over 6k visitors per month.


4. Put that cheese burger down:

This blog is maintained by Neha Ghosh. Here you can get many analysis on frequently asked questions on the web. If you want to be fit then this can be the blog for you. She shares ‘zero bullshit’ information with ‘easy words’.

Put that cheese burger down has approx 10k visitors per month.


5. Wholesale Mamma:

It is a parental and child health blog, maintained by Aloka Gambhir. This blog personally help many woman by giving self confidence. Wholesale Mamma covers topics like exercising, parenting etc.

Currently it has approx 8k unique visitors per month.


Best blog in India – More you should know

There are thousands of bloggers in India. It is not possible to take all name in one article. If you want to take inspiration from more established bloggers from different fields. Then I have more names for you.

List Your Blog here

You have the opportunity to list your blog too


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