Answer The Public review [How it can boost ranking]


Answer The Public is one of the best tool  in the market for keyword researching.

In 2020, only writing blog is not sufficient to rank for a certain keyword.

Once a digital marketer said,

“Good bloggers always optimize their article for a certain keyword, but smart bloggers ranks one article on thousands of keywords.”

That is the power of Keyword research.

This article will help you to become a pro keyword scientist.

Let’s say, if you’re writing blogs on ‘how to cut vegetables’, and no one is searching for this on the web, then what is the necessity of writing on this?

In this guide I will help you on how you can check what actually people are searching.

Before diving in, let’s talk about some basic concepts.

It is the practice of finding what information people are actually searching for on the various search engines, and then optimizing your content by including those keywords into the article.

You may have heard from business coach, “Try to find out Buyer’s persona”.

Actually people are researching for keywords to find out buyer’s persona, which is a good business initiative.


What is Answer The Public?

This is a great tool maintained by Propellernet Ltd. for the ones who love keyword researching, also popular as Ask The Public.


This keyword research tool provides you all the free and paid services related to your business research.

You will get untapped goldmine of content ideas here.

Everyday over 3.2 billions searches are there on Google. And the most interesting fact is, 22% of those are new searches, i.e. never searched before.

So, determining your buyers’ persona is a top most necessity.

Do you know why 96% of bloggers fail? They never took keyword research seriously.

Master content strategy Like a pro

Why Answer The Public?

We content creator, and content marketer need newest trending queries everyday. It is suitable for people like me due to below mentioned reasons:

  • Listen to audience’s voice.
  • Target the proper keyword.
  • To get auto-filled Google results.
  • Optimizing long-tail keywords.
  • Optimizing content for Google feature snippet.

Try KeyWord researching tool Unlimited searches

How to use Answer The Public?

In the free Answer The Public tool, there isn’t really daily searches limitations.

But the team can limit your amount of searches, if the visitors of the tool get increased.

That is why I recommend to use the paid version. It has no limit of searches.

The paid version of this tool costs just 99$/month and offers you all the essential needs.

#1 Benefits of using the Answer The Public pro:

You can search keyword on location based, and language based.

  1. Unlimited daily searches.
  2. Save thousands of data, also you can access them later.
  3. Comparison of data over time.
  4. Newest keyword suggestion.
  5. You can hide unwanted suggestions.
  6. Export data on ‘CSV’ or high resolution image format.
  7. Priority customer support.

#2 Steps to use:

While you are typing the keyword in box and hit the ‘search’ button, you can see a window like this.


You can select  questions, prepositions, comparisons, and alphabetical related queries by click on the respective option.

Choose the options from visualization and data to have a content ideas of image form and text form respectively.

answer the public

Also download the result file on ‘CSV’ format like this:

ask-the-public CSV

Properly use keywords Boost ranking

How this tool will boost your SEO?

#1 Featured snippet:

This tools doesn’t show you any fake results or, any bot searched data. All the extracted keywords are searched by real humans.

Google recently published featured snippet algorithm. Keywords, which you got from here will surely help your article to be shown on featured snippet.

Because, usually the pages which contain all the answers to the users requests have more chances to get on top.


#2 FAQ schema:

People generally use internet for solving their own problems. And that is why 73% of all searches are questions type of search.

AnswerThePublic shows you such questions which are currently asking by your audiences.

Now, just you have to optimize those questions as FAQ schema in your article. There are chances that your answers could be displayed on search engines.


#3 Voice searches:

According to a stats by WordStream, there will be estimated 21.4 billion active smart speakers in the US, 2020.

You should know, the number was 1 billion in 2017. So, this is how voice searches are occupying the market.

If you didn’t optimize your article for voice searches yet, then you are missing the best SEO practice.

How to do this? Here comes focusing ‘long tail keywords’.

Suppose you have the keyword ‘content marketing strategy’. By typing this keyword on Askthepublic you will get many long tail keyword ideas.

By using those in your content properly and naturally, you can actually rank that content on voice searches too.


What Pro business persons think about Answer the public?

Over to You

The time has now over when someone just needed to write on something and the article had chances to go on top.

In 2020, without proper keyword research no one can be succeed.

Utilizing content for readers is the most effective way to gain organic traffic from search engines.

Let’s not forget, we all are blogging to answer the people. If you can’t find your audience’s questions, how can you answer them?

Answer the public is the most trending tool for keyword researching as well as content ideas generator.

Hope this post helped to understand the topic better. If so, share it on your social profiles.

Thanks, Happy blogging!

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10 thoughts on “Answer The Public review [How it can boost ranking]”

  1. Seems AnswerThePublic is really gaining positive scope on the Internet. I will take a peek! This is something new for me, Shekhar, as I have been using tools like SEMrush, longtailpro to get this area work done.

    Discovering content ideas, especially, the user intent ideas (long tail keywords) and creating a great content around them is really what Google and audience wants.

    Thumbs up for this write up, Have a good day.

  2. All you have said are true, Shekhar.

    I use the Answer-the-public queries for all of my blog posts, and they are doing well. Both on snippet and search results.

    I recommend it to every blogger, just as i can’t write a new article without it.

  3. Hey Shekhar, really appreciate your hard work on Creating this content buddy, Gained lot of cool insights from your article.

    Although I’ve using Answer The Public for quiet some time now but this article made me understand the tool even better.

    Thanks for sharing such great content.

    Tarun Kashyap


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