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Hello Bloggers!!

Thanks for showing interest on me. I am Mr Shekhar Chatterjee, Founder & CEO of specialblogger.com

I have completed Diploma in mechanical engineering in 2019. I love writing from my childhood and also enjoyed sharing those with my friends. 

I made my hobbies into my profession here.



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Chayan Chakrabarti CEO ; simplefactsonline.com

“Shekhar is one of the bloggers that I look forward. He shares actionable steps on his blog. So if you want to read some mind-boggling stuff online, then you must follow him. ”

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Vishwajeet Kumar CEO ; blogwithVK.com

“Shekhar is a very hard working blogger. He is very support and love to helps other. He is really doing great with his blog. His articles are very detailed and helpful. If you want to learn more about blogging he is the Guy. ”

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Sayan Dey Founder ; bloggingmetrics.com

I know Shekhar for the past few months. He is a good blogger who always tries to help his readers with his helpful articles. Follow him to get some proven blogging advice that actually works. ”

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